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Smoothing Treatments: What Are They?

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Recently, we had the opportunity to take a certification class on a smoothing treatment for Keratin Complex. Smoothing treatments have been around for years so it was a class well deserved for our salon. Brand names had been thrown around and we were like, yeah yeah, another keratin treatment; however, we never sat down to understand the inner workings, the longevity and the overall results that our clients could see in their hair.

What we have been doing all these years is listening to our clients. The morning routine rundown, you guys get up really early to get ready for your day! Blow drying hair that's even the slight bit textured takes time because that cuticle is a little roughed up, causing strands to stick together, hello knots; but soaking up water like the Sahara desert. The hair's moisture isn't as abundant as straight hair, so frizz is worse, making that blow dry ten times more complicated and a smoothing brush becomes a necessity, not an option. You start pulling and tugging and blow drying the wave as straight as you can after slathering every oil you have strand by strand. 20 minutes later, blood sweat tears and all, your silhouette has this halo of baby hairs that you're wearing like a crown of battle! How many years have you spent doing this? And what do you do when your hair is dry?

You spend another 20 minutes, section by section, running a flat iron through it that's cranked to 450 degrees. In eight weeks, that last inch that you spent growing from the root is going to need to be chopped from your bottom length. Hello, you aren't getting anywhere with growing luscious locks.

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So... Keratin, that fibrous protein that is an integral part of hair structure. This protection can be lost to environmental factors as well as heat and chemical damage which further depletes that cuticle, causing more dullness, dry and brittle ends, and color loss. Imagine losing that 150.00 color because your hair was too porous. Keratin Smoothing treatments can help to fill up that cuticle, seal it and create a protective shield for up to 5 months. And you know what comes next; faster styling time with unlimited styling capabilities. Less stress on your hair with your daily routine will help to grow stronger, fuller hair over time.

Keratin Complex has given us the ability to customize treatments to our client's needs as well by replenishing keratin in the hair and sealing it in using natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. That's a bonus, right? The company has an amazing FAQ section on their website. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call us or discuss at your next appointment.

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