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Color Corrections are a Beautiful Thing

In the industry, color corrections have a very negative connotation, but I've built my business on these highly sought after color services for years.

Although they are very labor intensive, the difference from night and day color makeovers has been so rewarding for me. The hardest part is explaining the need and the expectations to new guests. Here lately, all my corrections have been first time guests or people new to color lifting; bleaching for you color veteran Gods and Goddesses. To make it easy for new guests looking for color correction, here are a list of questions and their respective reasoning behind them:

  1. Do you have any allergies to cosmetics or color products that may be used in the salon?

  2. Have you been under anesthesia or taking prescriptions that may alter color results or affect hair integrity during a chemical service?

  3. Do you have any color in the hair? This includes permanent or semi permanent color even if you have tinted back to your natural color. Any box dyes or professional ones will be harder to lift through, leaving brassy or unwanted tones in the hair. Knowing the color history helps us better formulate a beautiful color plan.

  4. Have you lifted the color out of your hair? Prior lifted hair will be more fragile than your natural, so extra care and consideration should be taken to preserve the health of the hair.

  5. Have you applied any texturizing/chemical services to your hair? Again, the integrity is compromised and may limit our options with color corrections.

  6. What shampoos and other hair products are you using at home and how will you maintain your color hereafter?

Achieving amazing color results is my goal every time and with your help and honesty, we can get there. Color corrections are costly and time consuming, so after all the work, I highly encourage my guests to purchase the salon quality products that I have in the salon. If you need a recommendation or have a favorite pro product that I don't have in stock, I can have them ordered and shipped directly. I want the experience to be as convenient as possible.

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