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With 20 years of experience and the desire to build a beauty brand that inspires others around me, I teamed up with a partner to open Bombshell Beauty.  After a successful three years together, we have decided to part paths and pursue our craft in new directions, leaving just me behind the chair of Bombshell Beauty.  


I am a lover of all things creative and beautiful so it's not uncommon to come in to the latest Killers album playing from the Bluetooth speaker, while I'm creating a rainbow masterpiece for a client. With extensive classes and constant research, I am a color specialist in Cincinnati; forever searching for more knowledge to provide my clients with beautiful hair. My life is a journey with an amazing soundtrack and beautiful people wearing my designs like a canvas. I love color makeovers with fashion colors or what I'm rebranding them to be called, Vibrant Color, and it's newly on my online booking system. 


If you need a disconnected bob or baby bangs, I'm your girl.  Abstract shapes excite me and I've been known to talk a few ladies into a side shave. My creative side doesn't end with color makeovers and shocking cuts on women, but I really enjoy men's cuts as well. If you are looking for a makeup artist or bridal hair, I provide that service too, and I have three packages to accommodate the vibe of your most beautiful day. 


When not behind the chair, you can find me designing and marketing all the cool things for Bombshell Beauty and my Husbands business, Liquid Chef Vape Co. Writing, reading or painting something sentimental for a baby shower are other outlets that I keep myself busy with.  I have four children ranging from 7 to 17 years old so when you think busy, that's my life! 


My biggest goal in life is to empower my clients, friends and family to feel beautiful for who they are.  Everyone deserves to #beabombshell, so go ahead and book your next appointment!


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