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Boudoir photography is the gift of self love and I can feel it emanating from my clients with each shoot I get to create. 

The natural evolution of beauty is to capture it in it's true form. Boudoir photos give you permission to revel in your feminine, put on a masculine facade for a change, or get down and dirty to show a whole other side of you.


Dabbling in photography began with an interest in boudoir imagery as a teen. Getting dropped off at the book store for hours was a treat and I found myself mesmerized with compilation books of subway graffiti and nude models in their artistic shapes and zoomed lenses. The biggest takeaway for me? There is a disconnect in the translation. The feeling was often cold, shy and missing passion. With BABE Boudoir Photography, I am infusing passion, self worth and body positivity in each one of my shoots. 


Anyone can be a boudoir photo model. 

I mean that with my whole heart. Men, women or non-binary, everyone is welcome to collaborate on your perfect Boudoir experience. If you're coupled up or solo, BABE Boudoir Photography would love to work with you.


BABE Photography Packages

Can Include hair and makeup, with a 45 minute photography shoot either at your location or onsite at a local studio. Up to 3 outfit changes and comes with 9 digital shots.

For a limited time, package B is priced at $595, you can conveniently schedule online and details will be emailed shortly thereafter.

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