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The Great 8 month transition of 2020

I took a huge break this year from Bombshell Beauty in order to create a niche for another small business. There's a lot to do to garner a grass roots brand launch and a lot of people take it for granted. This year hasn't been easy for anyone but I have to admit, my business through the pandemic has grown and it was time to level up. The fear of the unknown did not keep my guests from wanting to look and feel their best; and for that, I am incredibly blessed. Along with my existing guests, I am meeting new people every week that I connect with, so I needed to open up more time in order to grow.

I made the decision to leave Lockland Old School Tattoo in early September, the team is doing incredibly well and I am excited to see their transformation in the next six months. Dan purchased a building in Camp Washington to align more with his overall vision; which fell out of line a little further for mine.

My next step? I've always wanted to own a place that I can expand Bombshell Beauty in. With all the extracurricular activities I have come to love, I need a space that has room for a photography studio. I have more ideas than I know what to do with and well, now is the time! This is me officially putting it into the universe to see what unfolds. Life has been incredibly giving to me, this should be no different.

If you didn't catch my email earlier this month, there was a teaser to my new project, B.A.B.E. Photography. That first photo shoot was amazing and I am looking forward to diving into more beautiful goodness that have my guests feelin' themselves!

There are only 3 months left of the year and we can kiss 2020 goodbye! I want to go out with a bang so definitely be sure to follow me everywhere, Facebook and Nextdoor for sure! I am ramping up my online reputation, so please leave me a review on your favorite platforms.

One more thing, before I go. With some of my time being suddenly opened up, I invite you to follow my other small business, Artemis Media Markteting.

The back end that has made Bombshell Beauty so successful has morphed into a little marketing agency that is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their incomes online. There is so much power in the digital marketing space and I get to assist you as you find your place in it.

Life is truly what you make it. Talk to you soon!

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