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Autumn Color Collage: 2020

I couldn't pass up an opportunity to put the spotlight on fall hair color. This recent makeover went from loud and proud to muted and dreamy, which really confirms for me that less is more.

This season, I think its time to scale back from the bright jewel tones that are sapphire and amethyst and increase the volume on earthly bright shades like burnt orange and forest green.

Over the past few weeks, I have been saturating bright blondes with red wine hues and mushroom blondes. This vast range of shades is more confirmation that beauty is not a one size fits all bubble and I live in the customization of each guests boundaries.

Fall is a time to turn into yourself in order to weather the storm, so is it also time to cultivate your look and spirit in the upcoming chilly air and leaf covered grounds? What greater way to gain inspiration than a collage of Bombshell Beauty Color Makeovers!

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