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Fall Hair Don't Care

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Toss out everything you thought you knew about this season. Sure, PSL's are still the hottest coffees in town, but your hair; you deserve something truly magical!

Philip Martin

Clay Banks

All across Instagram, you can find copper blondes, caramel brunettes and feisty redheads. Are you yawning? Wasn't that last year's seasonal hair? And the year before that, too! Lucky for you, we can customize any color of the rainbow so your personality shines through every season and every holiday.

Clients always laugh when I ask, "What are we doing today?" A few always get the same cut, the same color and are too afraid to switch it up so I always lead with that question. The world is your oyster so make sure you're divulging all your hair wishes to your beauty professional. Think about it, with Fall comes rich browns and warm reds so what stands out against those amber colored sweaters you're dying to wear... It's 86 degrees in Cincinnati this week but I promise, cooler weather is coming!

Dmitriy Ilkevich
Kal Loftus

The answer is Blue. I didn't forget the question. If you're daring enough, Sapphire, September's birthstone, makes a fabulous peekaboo. If your office isn't ready for that kind of loud, tame your tresses down with a beautiful yellow ombre. That fashion color is gaining a lot of notoriety and it's what young color dreams are made of.

Personally, I'm a traditionalist. Raspberry and orange will always have a special place in my heart. Especially if you love wearing mustard colored jackets and carry a brown leather clutch. As professional colorists, we think outside the box and always have something new and creative to share with our clients. We just want you to #beabombshell!

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