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Thank Goodness That's Over

If there were ever a holiday that I didn't like, it should here to forth be called Thanksgiving! I've mentioned to my clients that this time of year is hard due to shared parenting and a lot of you understand because you're going through it. Yesterday was not my holiday on the court ordered schedule. So I packed up my Daughter, and Husband while my Step Son drove with his Mother and we met to eat a hot quick meal at Golden Corral. I am Grateful. I picked up my boys late last night and baked cookies at 10 pm.

The in between time though, we spent shopping for really good deals on toys we think the kids might love, like a lot of other parents out there. After you got that kitchen cleaned up, did it feel like a weight was lifted from you too? Great, now we can enjoy the Christmas season. The drive through light shows, holiday themed movies on TV, and my favorite tradition, Bourbon Christmas Eve. Where we wrap all the gifts and stuff the stockings of four very different kids so they can rip it to shreds 6 hours later.

This time of year is expensive, I know. With our referral programs, loyalty rewards and occasional specials, we hope we hit your nice list this year. I want to take this opportunity to invite all our guests to leave us feedback. What's working in the salon? What could we do better? Is there a service we don't offer, but you want? Tell us!

Personally, I am loving the subscribe feature to our website. It lets you stay connected to us like never before. Which means, you get all the promotions and beauty news like an insider Bombshell should. If you're in the giving spirit and love reading your inspiration, this Holiday season, keep an eye on the blog.

Lastly, I leave you with our Holiday Playlist. I promised Janey I wouldn't play it in the salon until after Thanksgiving. I can't lie, I've played it a few times this month for my personal listening.


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