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Witch Season

Photo by Loverna Journey on Unsplash

One of the most important things our industry is overlooked for is Self Care. It has been lost in translation on it's way to Vanity. We love all of you and your health is so important to us. It sounds shallow, I know, and it's easy to say; but I feel it.

Twenty year old me with a toddler was up til 11 with him every night. He would sleep in til 10 or 11 the next morning and I would be sleeping right along with him. Wasting time. It was easy to float along day to day. But I've learned in my thirties the magic happens in quiet morning hours when those kids are sleeping. Entrepreneurial Witchcraft. Insider information: inspiration came from an article i read at 5:30am this morning, Christianity is declining while Witchcraft is blooming. Article can be read in its entirety here.

I spend several hours a day reading, conversing online and absorbing art in the forms of music, television, and photographs on my media devices. Mind WIDE OPEN! Ideas just ebb and flow all day, and I'm left with this energetic feeling that I need to write it down, paint the ideas in my head; I have mentally designed 17 different salons. or sketch a color placement in one of my dozen notebooks! I'm sure you can imagine, there are always dishes in the sink. At least the kids are fed.

Photo by Gleb Lukomets on Unsplash

That is my meditation.

And it all usually starts by 6am. I have manifested so much growth in my life and I believe anyone is capable to do the same. We make people pretty on the outside and we can only hope to inspire them within. Every person that sits in my chair is a new opportunity for me to instill that magic. That confidence that the promotion you're going after is attainable. You should treat yourself to a new car, just skip the Starbucks everyday and save that extra money. Buy coffee beans, invest in a grinder and make your own latte at home. Because you're a grown damn woman (or man, it's all relative!) Plus, your grown self is going to invest in dry spices that will give you the taste of a pumpkin spice latte for a quarter of the price.

Oh look, more Witchcraft.

Another thing I have learned is medicine. In most cultures, there is a "doctor" to heal the sick, but in my life, I'm not a fan of western medicine. The pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. is a whole other topic. The foods you eat will keep your body healthy, common knowledge, but that's scratching the surface. Spices, plants and oils have been proven to cure or remedy ailments. The ailments that relate to the beauty industry? Skincare and skin therapy, Hair and nail health and growth and even muscle health for body relaxation. I have explained to quite a few clients that eating the right food prepares your insides to make the outside beautiful.

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

I'm encouraging you to be a Witch. Cast a spell to turn your life into the direction of your dreams. Wake up early tomorrow and start studying. Light a candle for the added ambiance.

Fall in love with yourself and the journey you are beginning, this is the perfect time to harvest. By Spring, I bet your life will have made a complete 180! Personally, I'm already daydreaming about my Spring writings now.

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