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Pop Color and Fashion Shades

If you are like most of our clients at Bombshell, you're probably daydreaming about candy colored hair or eye catching color melts with pastel painted ends. It's no secret that these services are high end, dollar wise. I can only assume that's one obstacle standing between you and the hair of your dreams.

Pastel Pink and yellow candy

Seriously, in 2007, Platform educators were asked why fashion shades were not permanent. The answer was simply, trends change fast and clients attracted to these colors are always on to the next thing. But I always thought the vibrancy should last these clients at least to their next 6 week appointment. Who wants to walk around with faded limp hair?

Fast forward 10 years and every company on the market has a remedy. No, it won't make your pink permanent, but it will stall the fading, leaving you with a gradual tonal shift that can make your hair sustainable until that next root retouch.

If you've watched me over the last month or so, I have touted Cleansing Conditioners like they are the Salon's Holy Grail! Mmhmm, it's true. But the trick is to cleanse about 2 to 3 times a week, use dry shampoo like it's your job and rinse/shampoo those locks in cool water. Keeping your cuticle as closed as possible prevents those little color molecules from washing away, along with the money you've invested in it. It will definitely be worth it to splurge a little on salon quality products.

Matrix Biolage 'Cleansing Conditioner for Medium hair' and Beauty & Pinups 'Lavish Cleansing Conditioner' are a couple of favorites I have made along my personal hair journey.

Don't believe me? I'll let you touch my hair.

But just this once. ;)

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