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Styling For Busy People

I've heard the phrase "I just don't have time to style my hair" more times in my career than I'd like to. People come in to update their look and then the next day, they wash it and it never looks the same again! Until that next haircut.

I'm here to save your sanity. Shampoo your hair at night!

I know, it's easier said than done. Especially if you work late nites, the last thing you want to juggle is eating dinner, putting the kids to bed then washing your locks! But hear me out, I will save your life!

Pick three days out of your busy week; preferably the least busy evenings you have. Make those nights your pamper yourself nights. Shampoo your hair, condition afterwards and rinse in cool water. Your cuticle will thank you. Your choice to bathe or not, it is your pamper night, after all.

Once you're finished, wrap your hair in an absorbent terrycloth towel while you paint your nails, mask your face or anything else you choose to relax with. After 20 minutes, unwrap your hair and spritz the ends with a detangler should you need it, then comb through your hair making sure to part it in your desired fashion before letting it air dry completely. If you must sleep on it while wet, make sure to up your pillowcase game to silk. It will be the least likely to absorb your hairs natural oils, minimize frizz and thus making your morning routine much smoother!

Sooo, you wake up with California beach locks the next morning? This is where you can customize your look to suit you.

Spritz seasalt spray in your hair from the ends to midshaft then tousle with your fingers.

Not a fan of that unruly style, then spray with a flat iron protector and go to town smoothing those tresses.

Voila! Ten minute hair and you're ready for the morning commute. Be a bombshell no matter how much sleep you need!

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