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Foxxy Ladies

There has been a shift in beauty for 2016. Clients are flocking to the salon to go back to their natural colors. Yea, you're probably saying that happens all the time, so what?

Here's my point.

Granny Grey became a thing in 2015 and throughout the Spring and Summer, women in their 20's and 30's were making appointments to get their strands bleached, toned and deposited again. A three part service that left them with the tresses of our most distinguished generation. The term Granny Grey was disgusting, however, we preferred to call it Cool Silver!

White Haired Woman

The women who were naturally grey scoffed at all the young men and women that were emulating the very natural look they were trying to cover. And that's where it started...

Women in their 30's, 40's and onward were tired of coloring. Hair grows approximately a 1/2 inch per month so every 6 weeks, those women were shelling out lots of cash to re-colorize their roots. Those pesky roots!

They have joined the movement.

We personally saw our clients coming in to slowly make the transition. De-colorizing with a partial hilite at first. Then toning to blend out the yellow. Hey, we never said a tint-back was easy! Each 6 week appointment brought longer regrowth and a little more hiliting for a baby steps approach at the Silver Fox(xy Lady). Silver looks good on these women, we impressed our

selves on this one!

Not thinking too much of the trend, we turn to Fall television and see all our favorites blending out their blonde or brunette staples with heavy heavy silver, almost as if they had been sneakily changing from all over color to full hilites, then to just a partial, I mean, have you seen Carly from General Hospital! You blinked and you missed it, she's almost 70% grey.

Naturally Beautiful Lady

Another star, Roseanne Barr embraced the natural look years ago and recent pics on my google search resulted in a beautiful salt and pepper bob with bangs. And the icing on that cake? An accent silvery strand, off center in her fringe! It is downright drool-worthy.

So where are the young Bombshells now? They've moved on to pastels!

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