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Men in the Salon

In my 14 year career, I feel that I have had the most success with men; cutting, coloring, styling. The ones that come into the salon in lieu of the barbershop have this confidence and it's refreshing. Metro was a term created a decade ago to label the men that took pride in their physical appearance. I feel like it's no longer taboo, it's expected of professional, hardworking men to look their best. Yes, even you bearded fellas. You know you trim neatly around your jaw line and above your lip so you look and feel dapper. Ain't no shame in your game.

I had the privilege to give a new haircut to a teenage boy, er.. man; who was interviewed for an awesome internship to work with animals at the zoo. Pursuing his passion very young, and he still understood the necessity of looking and feeling fresh. He chose a very modern, upscale style and listened intently to my fabulous tutorial on how to achieve the look at home, what products, yada yada. I felt good with the outcome, he looked confident and left smiling. Hey, that's saying something.

The styles have gone beyond your basic fade these days and I feel it's important to stress that when looking for a new cut and style, it's better to seek out a stylist that has the time to consult, to understand what you want and to work with you to get you there. Your hair may be too short now, but in six weeks, that look will grow for you. Don't be afraid of change, a little transition never hurt no one.

For those of you, the male sort, who have taken the leap into the salon, recommend it to your friends, talk about it, refer your amazing stylist. We are trying to build a business and the word of mouth helps immensely. And besides, it'd be a lot cooler if you did ;)

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