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Trim is In.

The salon has been the place for women to come to in order to keep up their beautiful appearance for decades. It has had its run as the hot spot for groups of gals to flock to in hopes of sparking some adult conversation and chatter in lieu of the stay at home housewife and mother, whose sole purpose was to raise the household. It was social media of the 40's and 50's where the twenty something women and beyond were able to come to weekly for their pin curls and beehives. Those styles being the foundation for today's educated Stylist.

Fast forward to year 2016, and you will not see those same throngs of women who come to enjoy the salon atmosphere. The styles have relaxed, and wavy, natural texture has become the norm. It requires less maintenance, it's more cost efficient, and is widely accepted in a multitude of social and career settings. The modern woman wearing natural hair is seen as practical and comfortable in her own skin. Here's the caveat-That beautiful, shiny, split end free, natural style still needs its healthy hair maintenance.

Man or woman, your hair is susceptible to the elements, to nature, to your shoulder-bag lightly tugging at the left side... every time. I'm sure there are some of you who have noticed that one side seems shorter than the other. A few stylists have agreed with this theory so I believe it to be a strong possibility that breakage occurs over time when being agitated with the straps of a woman's purse or a laptop bag (or a diaper bag for those proud new mommies!)

Two Women in Floral Crowns

That's where your Hairstylist comes in. We need you to keep up with the monotonous maintenance of your hair trims. Keep that balance of the perfect sway in your LOB; too long and that trendy cut just sits on your shoulders, with that crease making your ends point straight out. Those ends, which you now notice are riddled with split ends, then all of a sudden, you remember that the last cut you had was over 8 weeks ago. I'm looking at you, twice a year women who grow seven inches of length then come to get that drastic, life changing cut-Cut that out! You deserve to have a beautiful style to compliment that beautiful life you're living.

I have one more idea on this subject matter, in an attempt to bring you back to the highlighted side. The next hair appointment you have-I mean need- to make, convince your best friend to make her appointment right alongside you. You get the posh treatment with a shampoo, cut and blow dry while enjoying the company of your dear friend. Bonus-we get the pleasure of listening as you two recount your life stories. Make the Salon the Social scene again.

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