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This isn't your Mother's hair color.

Silver haired woman eating cotton candy at a carnival.
photo by Valerie Elash

This concept hit my radar a few months ago and I've been letting it cultivate in my mind for a few months and suddenly, I needed to take action to accommodate the shift. With as boastful and confident as I am on social media about my work, I am my worst critic and there have been a few clients over the last year that really stretched my limitations. I kept telling myself, I know how to make this work, why aren't my results hitting the target one hundred percent?

Every one of these clients were level two black hair color, looking to be platinum blonde and I realized I needed more time to deliver the goods. Often times, these inspiration colors will take two or three processes to achieve, that is no secret; but I didn't have a realistic option on my menu that would give us the time we needed. That all ends now!

Planning your dream hair is easier than ever when you book the Pastel Vibrant w/Platinum Card Service. In 2021, every color is essentially a color correction; especially when it involves lightener. Innovation and technology has allowed us to create major transformations in a day and all the up to date tools, techniques and products will be used when providing the services; yes that includes Olaplex!

So what is a Pastel Vibrant?

Think baby pinks, lavenders and blues, basically all the warmth has to be removed from your existing hair. If you have artificial color, it may not be possible, your hair's integrity is top priority. Not only pastels need extra love, those platinum blondes require extra care too.

The Platinum Card technique is placing all your hair in foils, using thinner sections to achieve better saturation and maximum lift. You can imagine this would be a lengthy process. Lunch will be included in this four hour appointment and provided by door dash. It's my goal to become a swanky little spot that my clients can brag about, I hope you enjoy having more options that fit in your lifestyle.

As always, you can schedule online and email me with any questions.

Talk to you soon!

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