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Old Hollywood Glam this Prom Season

Lavender Color Melt by Heather Redding of CA

Old Hollywood Glam by Heather Redding in CA.

Thanks to Facebook, we get to see a wave of trends during event dates throughout the year. Prom season is one that we especially hold dear. With a decade and more behind the chair, Chrissy and I have seen everything from corn rows and curls to boho braided beach waves.

This season has taken a little turn and our young adults are steering toward a more colorful formal style while giving a nod to 1940's Hollywood. Artists in California have been posting reveal photos of their own clients and I can't wait until it catches on in the Mid-West. Young girls have grown bored with 'natural' hair and with more lenient dress codes, they are able to wear fashion colors to express their personal style.

Katelynn Taylor Kwasniak Rainbow braid updo

Rainbow Braided Chignon by Katelynn Taylor Kwasniak

It's been a gradual process with punk fashion slowly becoming the norm but to see color transformations that are so subtly executed, it makes you melt with envy. Now take that feeling and multiply it by 10 and that's how everyone is gonna feel at Prom when these bold young women strut through the door. And that's exactly what they're doing.

Rachel Townsley Red Upswept Style
Teal to Purple Victory Roll with waves

Red Upswept Style and Mermaid Glam Waves by Rachel Townsley

It soon won't be uncommon for young women to book a two hour appointment for a total make-over before they put on that fancy dress. And those Old Hollywood styles? You'll be seeing more of those. Don't forget to ask your stylist if she does makeup as well. It could save you time and stress.

Violet Amber Chignon with Crystal accents by Rachel Karram Perkoski

Happy Prom Season, Bombshells!

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