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That time Amazon stole my sale

I'm still bitter, by the way.

I'm small business til' I die, just get that out of the way; upfront. After the pandemic, it felt like an earthquake took out the beauty industry and I was still standing above ground in Bombshell Beauty. I had no tangible assets and beauty manufacturers hadn't solidified their digital platforms so beauty brands were dangling carrots above stylists heads who hadn't established an influencer status; hadn't earned their place in the ranks. Thus, I was denied in my application for the Amazon influencer program. I thought, damn, I'm not social media-ing hard enough? I doubled down, started more conversation (i.e. heated debates where multiple people leave mad/blocked) and earned the coveted Facebook Creator status. These social media titles really are a form of the social credit score people are talking about. That's probably a great topic for Artemis Media Marketing, but I digress. I just hope people remember me as hard working and fair.

After months of slaving away on social media, I resubmitted the Amazon Associates application and was approved. This means my clients have access to their favorite salon products while still supporting me. The Kenra Professional store can be found here:

It's the convenience for me.

I love having the ability to order items online from home But I still LOVE to shop small, especially for the Holidays. You get a personal touch and support from a person that knows YOU. This associate program is the best of both worlds. Plus, I can not buy in bulk to beat Amazon prices so you get great savings which is what we all need going into 2023.

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