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Skincare in my 30's: Chemical Peels

Bottle of the ordinary's chemical peel with a bombshell beauty business card.
The Ordinary Chemical Peel Solution

The texture is rough, why isn't my skin smoother than this? I asked myself this daily. I had been using a fruit extract mild formula and it was helping the hormonal flare ups pretty well but I still had milia that were largely noticeable. How frustrating.

Coming in clutch, my baby faced, 20 year old cousin rehomed her AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution from The Ordinary, with me. I already trusted the brand and was pretty excited to give it a go.

AHA's and BHA's exfoliate, clearing clogged pores beneath the surface of the skin. While improving the texture by fighting visible skin blemishes, of course the appearance will ultimately be improved. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are water soluble fruit extracts that help shed away the skins dead cells revealing new and radiant skin. Beta Hydroxy Acids penetrate deeper and help remove excess sebum from pores, so when used together, this little peel packs a powerful punch.

From the first swipe across my cheek, it was cold and within seconds it started to tingle. It was tolerable, like that astringent feeling of putting alcohol on a cut, it burns at first but it's for the greater good. I waited the full ten minutes after coating a thin layer on my face, and rinsed in cool water and patted the water dry with a towel. There was no miracle with the first application, but over the course of the following days, i noticed my skin was not as oily, and with the oils I was using, it felt natural and good. I had faith the appearance would shift beautifully over time.

I committed to using this peel twice a week, and after the second and third treatment, those under the surface breakouts were decreasing and disappearing. Imagine my relief when I realized I didn't need to drop hundreds of dollars on a dermatologist! Is this the best peel on the market? I have no clue, but the price is amazing and I'm delighted with the results.

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