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Prepping for a Photoshoot with B.A.B.E. Boudoir Photography

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

It's no surprise that I am hard at work bringing all the details of BABE Boudoir Photography to fruition. Over the past year I got my feet wet with a handful of shoots and it didn't take long to realize I wanted more organization. More structure for new models as well, because it can be a bit intimidating in front of the lens and with hair, makeup and clothing choice, knowing what you want to see in the final product can sometimes get lost in translation.

boudoir model with dark hair and red lips, wearing black lace lingerie while sitting on a sofa.
Photo by Alexander Jawfox

Boudoir Photography is a whole vibe and my ultimate goal is to have my guests feeling comfortable, confident and at ease leaving the heavy details to me. So between creating new forms and menu options, I thought it was pertinent to create a questionnaire for all Boudoir Models stepping in front of the lens with B.A.B.E. Photography. The hard part was conveying the feeling and meaning behind the questions so the models may be encouraged to open up and really explore what their ideas are.

I spend a lot of time conceptualizing my own ideas on perfect shoots, so nothing is out of the ordinary or shocking. I'll get a little more intimate with you and share the details of my perfect shoot.

It's early morning, I look like a cover model with perfect, anti aging makeup; messy JBF hair that still looks like I could walk the red carpet. The lighting is bright, romantic, like my boudoir is facing the east. I would feel comfortable with implied nudity, moderate coverage (even I have body positivity issues sometimes).

Music is really important, so a mix of alternative rock and romantic femme artists like Florence and the Machine would be perfect. It's a whole mood. I'd be giving my photography package to my partner as a gift so taking his feelings into consideration, I'd love to capture shots of his favorite things. My long hair, artificial nails for that sultry look with the intent to capture poses that emphasize my lips, the curvature of my hips or even my breasts. Again, beauty is something to truly celebrate and a photograph can be a forever reminder of your personal strength and self love. It's also subject to interpretation so your input is crucial in designing photographs you will love and cherish.

Babe Boudoir Photography logo with pink neon font

When you get this questionnaire emailed to you, take a moment alone to really understand and convey your vision in your photoshoot. These questions are just a springboard into the concept so we both will be organized and efficient during the shoot. Of course, it will take a few hours, and I want to keep you hydrated and alert so be sure to let me know of any dietary needs you may have prior to the shoot so I can have refreshments on hand.

As a reminder, your shoot includes up to three outfit changes, and you can bring any accessories to style the shoot as you'd like. If you have any questions or need more inspiration, please feel free to email me at

If you haven't scheduled your Boudoir Photography package, you can conveniently do that online. Date and times are subject to photography studio availability.

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