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Be your own damn Valentine

Dear Valentine,

I am writing to tell you how beautiful you are. Someone may not have told you lately, but you're crushing this life with your goals and your heart and your wit and honesty. These things are a fraction of what makes up your entire soul. That soul that has held hands with best friends and your high school sweetheart. The Hands that have held newly born babies that you carried in your womb. The heart that lived inside you until it didn't and you were forced to keep breathing because they couldn't. To the Mother in you, the lover or the child you were; you are amazing.

Do you talk to yourself like this? If your answer is no, you need to rethink what you are putting into the universe. This Valentine's Day, ditch the idea of having a Prince Charming deliver you roses to the office and instead, plan something a little different. Haven't talked to your girlfriends in a while? Connect with them this holiday for Happy Hour and a movie. That may not be your style though, so I'm giving you permission to treat yourself to champagne in a lavender bath complete with crystals relevant to your healing and relaxation. Cut the anxiety out of your life about where you are supposed to be and start enjoying the journey you're on that's leading you where you need to be.

Be your own damn Valentine and take the time to explore what makes YOU the whole, happy and balanced person you need to be in order to receive the abundance you're after.

Socializing is another great way to gift yourself and I was actually inspired to create this particular piece from an event that Lockland Old School Tattoo is hosting from their studio. They launched the multi-use space as a place to allow small gatherings in art, fitness and other small business to teach classes, organize events or build their personal portfolios in an all encompassing studio. This particular event is a Pure Romance open house on February 13th and anyone is welcome to stop by, pick up some goodies for yourself or a loved one and most importantly, mingle with possibly other singles!

After all, you're doing all the work to become the best possible you, it's more likely that you'll attract the same type of energy. You get what you give so take the time to really know how you're leading your life.

With all my Love and affection,

@cincibombshellbabe ;*

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