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A New Year's Resolution

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

One of the hardest things I have come to know about the beauty industry is that getting clients to trust and believe in what you're saying is a hard way to go.

Men and women celebrating New Years with champagne flutes, sparklers and confetti

Just this week, I had a client admit that she stopped using her satin pillow case because she kept sliding off of its slick and shiny surface. Seemed like a bad excuse, especially because I sleep on one myself, and the cool feel against my face is my favorite part. My Husband even specially requested that he get one too. My skin has definitely seen an improvement since I swapped out my luxurious cotton cases a year ago.

Admittedly, I haven't been paying much attention to my hair, but it is the longest it's been since I was about 16, so the pillowcase has to be doing something good. I have reduced split ends and less frizz and I still shampoo about every day or sometimes every other. My salon guests have commented on more than one occasion about the length as well.


I have the nutrition talk with just about every guest these days too. Healthy hair and skin starts from the inside out and although you are taking vitamins, prescribed or otherwise, there could be a greater deficiency that is preventing your hair from getting the benefits. The body is a machine and I have been privvy to plenty of conversations where women have divulged that their doctors haven't been forthcoming on how to tackle some of their concerns.

My first recommendation is to seek out a nutritionist. For instance, If you have a gallbladder removal, probiotic supplements can help. This specific scenario happened to a friend of mine, and her Doctor didn't once mention her new dietary needs.

Previously, clients have learned they have Vitamin D deficiencies among other nutrition related problems and not coincidentally, they are seeing problems with their hair growth and manageability that comes with it. Over the past forty years, we have seen an uptick in chemically manufactured "natural" foods like our grains and produce so even shopping the perimeters of your local grocery stores can be detrimental to your health and beauty. With the ever increasing popularity of TikTok, people across the world are educating others with their experiences and findings. An interesting tidbit I have found is the correlation between food allergies (a seemingly new phenomenon) and the increased usage of pesticides and GMO farming. Don't even get me started on the packaged kids food with toxic additives, which a lot of consumers are leaning on as the leading cause of behavior disorders in the young population. Just browse the topics of food dyes and you'll be shocked and angry like I am.

Lastly, control of your life can have a huge positive impact on your image. Work and family life is a high wire balancing act and putting your needs first can seem like a daunting task, but there's a reason you are to secure the mask over your face before assisting others. You can not fill others with an empty cup and in doing so, your self esteem, frustration and depression can take the wheel and drive your healthy lifestyle off course.

With just a day or so left of 2022, let's make a pact to leave the negative aspects of ourselves in it. 2023 is a new chance to form great habits. Eating healthier, using quality hair products that promote growth and standing up for your needs.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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