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Hello, Fall

Summer is coming to a close and I am team pumpkin spice. I've said a few things in jest in the past regarding swim season, and it's still true. Each season brings a sense of renewed energy and creative ideas. So it was no surprise when I became enamored with the atmosphere of a local tattoo and hair shop that I have been working with this year. My time opened up and I jumped on the idea that I could bring value to this spot. I don't know about you, but I have to be creating something everyday, and working behind the scenes on their marketing has been a great project for me. Now we are taking it up a notch and I'll be spending a few hours a week on location, doing hair and capturing moments to turn into more material for them.

Blue Hair and tattoo model, Jessica Dollenmeyer, captured by @jr_photography513

I didn't realize how perfect the idea would become until the second week behind the chair, literally last week. A few of my clients signed up to be tattoo models for a photography shoot and needed their hair and makeup done. This was the first styling shoot I had done for someone else so it was a learning experience as far as timing and expectations. However, the coolest part was the atmosphere in which we were working in. Lockland Old School Tattoo and Hair has a tiny two person suite that is perfect for cozy services or side by side technicians to work on the same client. The conversation is loose and everyone has an open mind. It's a whole lot Rock and Roll and amazingly eclectic.

I want to make sure all my existing clients know that I love working at Charles Salon, and you can get all your great services there like normal. But if you need in on a Friday or have an extravagant Photo shoot Saturday Afternoon, LOST would be a great place for your services.

I wanted to know more about the environment too, so earlier in the summer, I took the opportunity to pick the brain of the tattoo artist that was doing my new mermaid tattoo. She gave a positive review of working at Lockland Old School Tattoo and I was happy to know she loved it so much. I've gotten to speak with some of her clients and they talk very highly of her, so I am excited to work with other artists as I grow the Bombshell Beauty brand.

This Fall is going to be busy and I'm excited to get to work on new things with new people. Thank you for being on this journey with me, we are going to take ALL THE PICTURES! If you want to follow all these amazing artists on IG, here are their handles: @jr_photography513 @pin_prick @skeletal.mouse @malissiamoone

Hempz Pumpkin Spice Hand Lotion

One last thing, Come September 3rd, the PSL Conditioning Treatment is back! Indulge in the flavor and the scent while you relax with the Luxury Hair Treatment. Ask for the upgrade at your next service.

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