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Transparency in Pricing

Receipt for a 3 hour Vibrant Color totaling $187.00

For the past year, I have had my pricing under consideration, and I will admit, I had a little guilt about it. Then reality set in and I realized my average vibrant color was costing me upwards of of 3.5 hours of my time and 3x as much was spent on the product cost as compared to traditional color services like base colors or hilites.

So I did what all smart business owners do, and I pinned down what I was actually spending to provide my clients with amazing unicorn and mermaid colors. There was some grey area in what I should be charging and what that cost included, so in getting a grasp on my back end, I felt comfortable that a base price for a pre-lifting service with a deposit color would be 150.00. To sweeten the deal, that price would also include up to two additional vibrant shades in the desired placement.

There are some caveats, such as extra color, toners, and haircuts that aren't included in the price. I wanted to showcase this mockup of a receipt for a four color process. This would likely be a four hour service depending on the complexity, too, so I am dedicating a lot of my time to making #hairmagic.

I love the results, but we have shifted in the industry, pretty quickly, when it comes to time expectations. I am so guilty of having ridiculous expectations. I recently started putting extra love into my hilite services by the use of Olaplex and color glosses in order to correct tones, and leave silky soft strands that last between color services and it's upping those two hour appointments to 2.5 or even 3 hours. Judging by the smiles on my clients faces, they are loving the extra pampering too.

A client smiling after getting hilites and base color with a glossing service and haircut.

As if the customer service and the pricing wasn't enough to sway you to book your next appointment, I developed a loyalty program that is ever evolving, and currently is saving my clients on average 30.00 a year. It doesn't sound like a lot, but imagine coloring your hair for the next ten or twenty years. Take your savings and invest in the beauty market and watch your compound interest really maximize those returns!!

One more item before this pricing transparency comes to a close. Your hair is not cheap, so don't buy cheap products. You can now redeem your hair/retail purchase rewards for retail perks! Earn a 10% discount on retail up to a 50.00 savings!

Be A Bombshell Everyday; Get the shampoo and conditioner, girl!!

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