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My Chair Is a Safe Space

On this July 4th, a lot of my friends are not so happy to be celebrating our nation and I say that's OK. There are a myriad of reasons that pour into the same pot, the government. Trust me, I am not happy with a lot of the decisions that have been, are being and will be made this presidency and beyond, but as the melting pot that is America, our elected officials were just that; elected.

Those protests and sit-ins, are essentially bringing a level of awareness to your personal issues, you're educating the masses, but you can't force conversion or understanding. And all the education is for naught without taking action at the polls. Understand the bills on your ballot and truly make change. I stand with human decency, always. I hold my personal morals close and don't want to impose those on anyone that sits in my chair.

Luckily, I found a great space in Charles' Salon where there is no judgement. Gay, straight, trans and everything in between, are safe in my chair. I give the same respect to Liberals as I do Right Wingers. What we are all searching for is peace, a fair life and time to live it. So I don't mind if you're Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Wiccan, I am simply here to make beauty magic and help you love yourself even more.

I'll be celebrating this Holiday because I wouldn't have the opportunity to live this same life in other countries. I wouldn't even be the same person, and I want you to remember that you would not be either, so embrace those feelings and keep educating and bringing awareness of our injustices. Thank you for allowing me to be myself as well.

Happy Pursuit of Freedom Day!

Fourth of July Flag and Sparkler

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