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Sizzling Summer

Before Red Brown hair color

This season, we are making some drastic changes in the salon, so you will see it in a raw unfinished state. Along with the aesthetic inside the salon, my co-worker, Liz has petitioned that we bring in Olaplex as an option for every client. Olaplex isn't new and there are a few copy cat products out there but this treatment is the best of the lot.

A couple of months ago, Liz decided she was tired of coloring her hair deep red violet every four weeks because her hair was coming in faster than she could keep up. Our plan of action was to strip it and she was adamant that Olaplex be used in every step. The first of which was a Platinum Card, where every quarter inch of hair was neatly wrapped in foil for maximum lift of the artificial pigments she'd been putting in her hair. We were left with unflattering coral and yellow tones and even another two lifting sessions didn't pull it out completely; but her canvas was ready to overlay semi permanent color to neutralize the remaining pigment and provide a beautiful pastel result. Something that would make the grey around her part line appear softer which was her ultimate goal. Once the hair is so light, it becomes easier to use color rinses to keep the color vibrant and there are a myriad of products, tips and tricks to keep it looking fresh for weeks.

The most important part of this process was maintaining the integrity of her hair. When she started back to the salon, she got a very chic haircut, so her length didn't take a chemically induced hit. Honestly, just about two inches from the bottom was compromised, which is nothing when you think about jumping five levels lighter on artificial color. During the de-colorizing process and color deposit, we added Olaplex straight into the color and bleach to protect her hair and repair bonds that could be broken during any chemical services. You can even add Olaplex to permanent waving solutions, using manufacturer directions, of course.

After Pastel hair color using Olaplex

The entire treatment is a three step process, a bond multiplier, a bond perfector, and optional hair perfector to take home for weekly treatments. Recently, Olaplex has added a shampoo, conditioner and smoothing cream. The whole line is number coded from #1 to #6.

The good news is, because of the success we had with Liz's hair, we are now offering Olaplex treatments as stand alone, or chemical additives to protect on services you're getting monthly. From requesting a mini treatment with your haircut to scheduling a whole package with a blowout style, this is one thing you won't want to skip on.

If you want to learn more about Olaplex, visit their website. You can order their retail directly from their site or special order it before your next appointment.

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