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The 70's are Trending

Asian woman wearing a paisley patterned long sleeve blouse with 70's inspired mushroom haircut.

The fashion, the color and the styles of the 1970's have been floating across my news feed heavily in the past few weeks and I have been watching to see if it's a passing phase or if this is the new trend to keep on our radar. Newsflash: It's the new trend. From mushroom haircuts to curtain bangs, I have been seeing these styles in my chair since last season and I. am. living. for these!

The time period style became apparent when I stumbled on a beautiful Instagram feed of a hairstylist, Samantha Sellers; @forloveandhair. A naturally curly model with amethyst colored shades caught my attention against all the straight haired blondes and I was drawn to comment. I thought I would need this proof later and poof! She inspired me to post about this hot wave of gorgeousness that was the '70s. If you have ever watched The Virgin Suicides, you'll understand that flowery, just emerged from the free love '60s, but have grown up into a mature sexy vibe and you've seen some shit. Those 8 in. cuffs perfectly hugging the wrist give an heir of importance reminiscent of business women rocking that Power Suit when they entered Corporate America.

Curtain bangs on a golden blonde model wearing blue glitter shadow and lash extensions.

The trend began with the feminist punk style Baby Bangs and quickly took a feminine turn to the dreamy Curtain Bangs as if women across America realized the angst wasn't gonna win over the hearts of the opposition. Just a couple years post #metoo and I feel like women are still working on gaining the power they deserve. Hair, makeup and clothes don't define you or your morals and ethics but they sure are powerful tools when developing the courage to stand up and be counted as an equal person. The 1970's didn't start the feminine revolution but was just a stepping stone to equal rights in the boardroom. When women look good, they feel good, and can take bold steps to making positive change in their personal lives and the lives of others. As a stylist behind the chair, I have witnessed so many women coming to make a change so THEY can MAKE change.

Just three days ago, Ohio put Planned Parenthood on notice that they will not receive any further funding. Services benefiting from the grant money were preventative care and to reduce infant mortality rates. Go figure! Women are more likely to be screened and treated for sexually transmitted diseases, which statistically reduces the transmission in the general public. So by default, providing women with safe healthcare and education, we are creating a safer nation for both Men and Women. Over legislating and de-funding are going to pose more than one problem and the effects will be long lasting. Put on your power suits, ladies, the work is never done. More information can be read here and here.

These new trends may be stemming from the need and desire of woman to take back control of their money, their bodies and their intellectual property and I say BRING IT ON! You're gonna look like a Bombshell doing it.

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