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Spring is Near, dear Valentine.

Presidents day is the weirdest holiday. The kids are out of school, and our schedules have to be adjusted because only federal employees and teachers ever have the day off. The rest of us are on the post Valentine's day

Photo by Jessica Bernard

bliss with our significant others just working through our cold days at the office, stylists excluded because most of us are using Monday's to catch up with housework and back end business stuff.

Here is the bright side: there are only 4 weeks until Spring. Why am I telling you this? Because it's time to start warming up your look. Are you a beachy blonde when the sun shines? Or does your inner mermaid emerge during bikini season?

As a colorist, I am always urging my clients to get that color they have been drooling over, and often times, my unicorns and mermaids will take a few appointments to achieve greatness, so if you want to have rainbow locks for Bunbury this May, it's time to start lifting out your winter coppers and chocolates.

Photo by Action Vance

Take a cue from the upcoming season and tiptoe in the tulips, by literally adding tulip pink tones or lemon yellow ribbons of color to change up your look.

Yellow has quickly become the top vibrant color on my radar. Its whispers are loud without being able to speak a word. You can see yellow hair from across the room and you can just imagine the person wearing it will be bright, friendly and really good at conversation.

If you aren't brave enough for yellow hair, add it to your wardrobe. A neon yellow scarf, yellow geometric jewelry or even yellow sneakers to put a spring in your step.

Photo by Danny G

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