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Champagne Wishes and Amethyst Dreams

Amethyst stone held in hands

The last quarter of 2018 was a whirlwind. From Halloween to New Years Eve, I threw myself into auto-pilot. I remember daydreaming about the power of energy and how I could celebrate that and work it into my business. I have a few years worth of success with a positive mindset and really felt that I needed more clarity. It also aided that Bombshell's Birth Stone is Amethyst.

That beautiful purple stone has tons of benefits and a long history of uses within world culture and literature. A quick google search led me to Crystal Vaults and now I plan to dive deep into learning more about it and many others. I already had a grasp on the potential of amethyst and planned to use it in decorating Bombshell Beauty.

January came, and my business ideas were quickly put on hold when my partner of 3 years decided the branding wasn't her thing. We parted ways and I moved to another salon for money savings. And I got back to my mental work of running a successful business; now, two businesses under my care. I launched a marketing and branding consulting business January 1st. I loved what I was doing with Bombshell so much that I wanted to dive in and help other creatives with their dreams.

It could be a placebo affect, but keeping the benefits of amethyst in the back of my mind, I determined that Bombshell shouldn't have to end, but instead, shift into my personal stylist brand. I talk a lot about how there is no failure in life, just shifted results to lead to success. Bombshell is my greatest business success and as it shifts and changes, it will be true to it's birthstone.

It was just a couple weeks later that the universe started sending me signals that my new place was going to be where exactly I ended up. Clients started referring this salon before I could even speak with the owner. Not one of them expressed any doubt in my direction.

I unpacked all my business tools yesterday, met the owner and felt 100% at peace.

That is success.

Cheers to more fun and Bombshell Beauty in 2019!

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