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Salon Products are the Best Products

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There are dozens of ways to shop and pay for goods and services these days and we understand as consumers ourselves, it's easy to hit that submit order on Amazon whenever we run out of our favorite shampoo. But it's not that simple. Over the past few years, there have been several consumer alerts broadcast on your local news stations that a lot of the products you find online or in your local retailers are actually a product of diversion. A bad business tactic where re-sellers obtain a product that may be expired, unauthentic or even diluted with unknown chemicals and turn it for a quick buck.

The labels could even be changed on generic products. It's happening and in the salon industry, it has been increasingly hard to stop it so I want to turn to educating our clients. Price and convenience are the reasons why you are buying from amazon or the grocery store. Most times, we try to match the prices we see advertised with a quick google search but we know if a price is too low, there may be something the seller knows and won't divulge to the consumer. Beware!

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Some larger name companies do have legitimate seller sites Amazon and even Etsy but I could not list any, as I haven't researched, we want you to buy from our salon and we know you love supporting Small Business!

The products we provide for purchase in the salon have been sourced from the manufacturer so there is not a need to worry about what's in the bottle. Plus, there is an added benefit from buying from your stylist, if you don't love it, we can work to exchange it for something suiting your needs. Let us take the time to customize your perfect at home regimen to keep that fresh color looking fabulous between your retouches.

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