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The Party's Over

You spent your entire summer at Riverbend and Sawyer Point, dancing your heart out. I know because I took selfies with you at Bunbury. I nodded in your direction in Blue Ash on the 4th. And even though I was only with you in spirit for the Fireworks, the excitement in the city was emanating like a heat wave in August.

Photo by Chansereypich Seng

Fall has other plans. With the upcoming entertainment schedule, Music Hall has you covered for acoustic moody goodness and even a roadshow with Henry Rollins. There are art shows at the Weston Gallery and Ballet at the Aronoff. These are the perfect transitions into fall where you trade your flip-flops for leather boots and that Summer Shandy becomes your favorite Cabernet. Unless you're me and then it's Pink Moscato.

Photo by Kevin Laminto

The weather is cooler but you're still iffy on wearing that jacket, but you want to look pretty sitting front row to Justin Furstenfeld. Pair your long sleeve tees with cute updo's and sparkly jewelry. Tease at the root for volume and smooth with a coarse bristle brush. Braids are an easy way to make an updo look like it took an hour but in reality, you spent 15 minutes with just your hands and some hair spray.

Looking gorgeous won't be such a pain when the temps lower in the upcoming weeks.

Photo by Mean Shadows

Walking from your car to work won't have your makeup melting down your face and you won't feel the suffocation of the humidity at 2 in the afternoon. Take advantage and show the world what you're workin' with!

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