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3+ years ago, Bombshell Beauty didn't even exist. I worked 40 hours a week for someone else. Making sure to clock in by 8:03 everyday.

I hated it. The job was good. Management was excellent, growth opportunities were great at the company. Benefits and paid time off, even maternity leave with pay when I had my last baby.

But there was no spark. I could do the job blindfolded. I was bored, I was creating someone else's dream and giving up my precious time. Plus, working part time in a salon where I could not grow. I was working my career backward with like 8 clients a month. As a licensed stylist since '04, it was a Damn shame.

Then I took a call from the Macys regional manager of the Tri County salon that gave me the leverage and courage to go back full time. I gave my notice to my 40 hr job and tearfully had to tell the other Salon owner that i was leaving. Talk about stress! Letting people down feels terrible. Everyone was great. All positive words and even advice when i needed it. I built working relationships with my colleagues, I've been blessed.

But I've had a lot of chaos too. Quitting my first salon 6 months in (not a super big deal now), pregnant with my first kid and spending the next 4 months unemployed and sleeping in at my Grans house. Snagging a fantastic stylist position in a well established salon and loving every minute until ownership changed. I worked there for 3 years, feeling like I was a great asset, but ultimately fired for petty reasons. I lost my clients. 32 hours a week, 500 paychecks plus tips. I was mortified.

The next salon was garbage. Let's be honest. 35% commission and no walk in traffic, no minimum wage. My last check was 32 bucks. And there was an eviction notice on my door. I left the salon and went to work in a call center. Money came in and my family got straight again. I'm not fabricating this, in 2008 I went from the eviction on our 2 bedroom apartment (we never had to move, somehow it got paid) to 2009 when we bought a house. I thought my hair career was done. So for the next 4 years i played the call center life. Mostly working until 10pm. But i started developing relationships with co workers about their hair and filling my weekends with 3 to 5 clients. That got me motivated to go back to the salon. Juggling two jobs for 3 years. Thats where we get back to 8 clients a month. Something had to change, the chaos had me in a cycle.

Courage, big girl panties, a whole lot of google research and education got me on the path.

Chaos will move you. It's your choice to ride the tide to greatness. If you want to do hair. Dedicate your weekends to filling your chair. If someone says your hair looks good, Introduce yourself and give them your card. You have nothing to lose.

What you have to stop doing is telling yourself you can't. Or you dont have this or that. Your life is a journey, I want to lead you through that chaos a little bit faster.

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