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The Truth About Your Roots

They grow.

Yes, It's true, and on average about a half inch per month. Our color clients are re-booking every 4 to six weeks to get that touch up because, they don't like their natural color. Sometimes that natural color is too dark and they love their warm brown; but often times, it's grey. White and silver and smokey grey.

We steer these pigment-less clients in the direction of hilites to save them stress and time, and like Chrissy once told me, "My clients will only get hilites every other appointment just to break up that darkness at the root." Girl's got a point!

Hilites cost money. That's also true. We understand you're not in the market to pay 125.00 every 4 weeks so we book a series of appointments to keep you on track to looking and feeling like your beautiful self. That's where the root retouch comes in. Pop in for 90 minutes, we can swipe on your customized shade over your new growth and you get to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere for 30 minutes, then get an incredible shampoo and blow out before returning to operation: normal life.

Your hilites are still glowing and you don't have silver hair glaring back at you when you look in the mirror. After all, you have empires to run!

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