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Hallmark Holiday

Candy Hearts

Too much time is spent begrudging cutesy holidays to celebrate your love. I'm not trying to persuade you to give it a chance, just simply pointing out the fact that we have such limited time to get all dolled up or fancy for our favorite person in the whole universe. If I had a dollar for every time one of my friends said, "It's just a Hallmark Holiday for corporations to make millions...," well, I'd be rich AF!

Cut the BS, ladies, you know you want your man to shower you with gifts and profess their undying love to you in a mushy pink card! And then you're gonna brag about it on social media, I do the same thing. I even have the dried roses from our one year anniversary in a vase on a shelf above my makeup vanity. I LOVE love.

That's why we chose to make February a month of gift giving in the salon. Your partner can purchase $100 gift certificates and receive a pedicure certificate for free!

And if it's beauty you're after for a romantic night out, we have discounted beauty services on Valentine's Day. Get your hair did, your makeup on and hit the town with your honey on your arm!

That's how you #beabombshell!

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